We do not only offer an innovative, SaaS-based e-procurement platform, but also decades of experience from leading procurement roles in different companies, industries and countries. Our major focus is the quick implementation of approved procurement levers and approaches for sustainable and significant cost reductions. Our pragmatic solution enables you to start your "Digital Journeys" easily. We contribute to increasing the added value in procurement and create the basis for your transformation to Procurement 4.0. Everything hosted on a single procurement platform with a fully digitized procurement process and automated workflows in the cloud.


In addition to the classic “English” auction, we also carry out system-supported “Japanese” or “Dutch” auctions. The electronic auction is an extremely dynamic negotiation and usually leads to very deep offers that are not otherwise offered on the marketplace.


Electronic tenders are always useful if the buyer wants to buy products or services in a timely and well-organized manner. A tender consists of several rounds of queries / offers, which are ultimately concluded by a joint contract.


The solution we use is not a static database. The ASP-based solution ensures a dynamic flow of information between buyers and suppliers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The ergonomic interface and the user-friendly symbols and menus help the solution to be operated easily.

Contract Management

Contracts are the result of several rounds of negotiations. In most cases, these steps are not documented and can no longer be traced later. In many cases it is precisely these steps that are necessary to avoid negotiation loops.


Our Cloud-based eProcurement platform with our consistently growing global procurement network enables you an easy digitalization of your procurement.

The digitalization of your procurement processes through our cloud platform. Without complex connection to your existing systems. Without lengthy interface discussions. Quick & Easy.

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What is an electronic tender (eRFX)?

Electronic tenders are always useful when the buyer wants to buy products or services in good time and well-organized. An invitation to tender consists of several rounds of inquiries / offers, which are ultimately concluded by a joint contract.

Why use an electronic auction (eAuction)?

The electronic auction is an extremely dynamic negotiation and usually leads to very low offers that are otherwise not offered on the marketplace.

Evaluate successes in real time and present them graphically.

With an active e-auction, you can conveniently place the submitted bids in real time on the screen. After the end of the tender or auction, you will receive a detailed evaluation of the progress and an award recommendation based on various scenarios.


Simply digitalize your purchases and directly exploit their full potential

From the determination of requirements to the tender/auction and the award of contracts in a seamlessly digitalized cloud solution.

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Start immediately “Out-of-the-Box”

Our system is available in 4 languages and can be operated intuitively, so you can start immediately. Easy to understand and can be used directly without lengthy training.  learn more

No implementation required

We operate a state-of-the-art, cloud-based platform, certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, which goes from source to contract. It does not need to be implemented in your existing IT environment. Nor do you need to define interfaces and connect them in complex ways.  learn more

Direct visibility of successes

Our reporting system offers almost all targeted evaluation options so that you can see your success directly. learn more

Professionalization of the RFx process

In addition to the joint (electronic) tender, you can also use electronic auctions to define your requirements. As a rule, savings of around 20% are possible – without additional effort. learn more
LIVE webinars with Microsoft Teams

Weekly LIVE webinars

Every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. we show interesting business cases live on our platform with changing focus topics. Find out in a 30 minutes Microsoft Tems session which digitization advantages you can use with LETSBUYIT.NET™.

Free of charge. Non-binding. Digital.

Success through Sourcing events with our LETSBUYIT.NET™ community

In our LETSBUYIT.NET™ community, we regularly organize comprehensive sourcing events where we group quantities for an item or service at all levels and thus make use of the leverage effect of volume (economies of scale). Usually these auctions result in a cost price that is up to 20% lower than individual offers. Depending on which package you choose, a certain number of these events are already included at no additional cost.

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Over 50 years of consolidated procurement know-how from various sectors, industries and countries. We offer you industry expertise from areas such as aviation, trade, medical technology, pharmaceuticals, production and many more. Due to our decades of activity in various managerial procurement roles in various companies, we usually recognize potential without complex analyzes and offer pragmatic approaches.


COO & Co-Founder

More than 20 years of experience as senior project and programme manager with extensive expertise in transformation and change projects. Core competencies in process management, design and implementation.


CPO & Co-Founder

More than 15 years of experience in indirect procurement and supply chain. Expert for best practices in procurement. Successful introduction of various eProcurement portals with the main focus on eAuction.


Vice President Sales

Experienced business leader, senior advisor, board member & investor serving innovative digital startups/SMEs with a focus on growth/scaling. Over 20 years of sales leadership experience in the international IT services & solutions business.


ProcureCons GmbH 
Collaboration Partner

Many years of experience with tenders for public and private organizations and ambassador for digitization in the public procurement environment.

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